The Red Room

New album title, cover artwork and tracklist revealed

Hey oh!
It's finally time to release another chapter of our gruesome story, this one is called The Red Room and is goin' to kick your ass the 26th of September 2017.

The follow-up to 2012's Drugstore Hell has been produced by NeroArgento at AExeron Studios and is pretty much a natural evolution of our trademark sound, featuring an hardcore / horror punk-influenced metal assault supported by a wide range of vocals and the usual light-hearted horror inspired imagery, directly derived from 80's metal/shock rock golden days... Simply put, you're gonna love it.

You'll be able to get your fix worldwide via Sliptrick Records, snippets and teasers coming real soon.

Here's the complete tracklist & the cover artwork of the new opus:

The Red Room

Hic Sunt The Motherfuckers
Eat You Alive
Once Upon A Time
The Ballad Of The Vampire
Through The Eyes Of The Monster
He Never Died
Hell On Heels
For Better Or Worse
There Is No Heaven