The Red Room

September madness is here!

Yes people, it's time to get bloody!
We have a brand new album entitled The Red Room comin' out the 26th of September (but you can already get your hands on it right now at a special discounted price clickin' here and checkin' the limited special packages we have prepared for you) and to get your blood properly pumping we have just released the official video for The Ballad Of The Vampire, you can check it below, but we warn you: if you can't stand the sight of blood you're not gonna like it, at all.

If you're still with us let's spend some more words on our limited special packages: as mentioned before you can already get your hands on our brand new album The Red Room simply heading to our official BandCamp page and selecting the package you like the most (check the brand new Hic Sunt The Motherfuckers tees, they're quite cool)!
As you can see the prices are extremely cheap and are gonna stay that way until the record is officially released the 26th of September, then they're gonna switch to standard prices, so if you're plannin' to buy it you should actually do it now saving some hard-earned cash and directly supporting us as well... It's a win-win situation, ain't it?

That's all folks, enjoy the madness and let the blood flow!